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Adam Caldera - A Model Physician

“Sri Lanka is the most beautiful country in the world, a literal tropical paradise.” Adam Caldera, born and raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka, reminisces of his hometown. “It is one of the most eco-diverse countries on the planet, so it has the most amazing landscapes.” In 2011, his beloved Sri Lankan landscapes were traded for the metropolitan cityscape of the Big Apple, New York City.

Caldera moved to the city like many others with big dreams, but his were to pursue a career in medicine. He is currently attending Columbia University and studying to become a doctor, with a specialty in emergency medicine. Like many others here in the city, Caldera took up modeling in order to support himself while in school. “It can be very difficult juggling school and modeling, but luckily I don’t need much sleep (haha).” Caldera is currently signed with Ford Models and has been able to focus on both his education and modeling career simultaneously. “I have to stick with a pretty tight daily routine, and can’t stray too much from it if I want to excel in both fields,” says Caldera.

Caldera is a tropical islander at heart and has a strong aversion to the cold. He has intentions of moving to warmer climates when he finishes school, somewhere with no winter, possibly California. He love sports, music and wildlife. Some of his favorite places in Sri Lanka are the national parks. His favorites are Yala or Wilpattu. “Depending on the time of year I would recommend either Arugambay in the summer months, or the Mirissa in the winter months, for a fantasic beach experience.”

Cadet honors Adam Caldera for his dedication, perseverance and drive to pursue his dreams.


Adam Caldera photographed in the Officer Tailored Suit in Black Linen with Patton Tank Top in French Terry.  Additionally photographed in the Flight Parka in Green Nylon, Barracks Blazer and Aviator Pant in Heather Black with Admiral Shirt in White Linen.

Photographed at Columbia University by A Gardiner.

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