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Sander Hoeskma - Going Dutch

Let’s just start things off with coffee.   Sander Hoeksma can’t start his day without it, nor can he leave the house without the correct underwear.  It is more than simply an issue of comfort...As a model you are forced to strip down at a moment’s notice.  Sander always carries his phone, a charger and a book that contains not only comp cards, but a neat list of new words, expressions and information about NYC.

The masculine and exotic look comes from Indonesian and Dutch ancestry.  From The Hague (Den Haag), which his in Holland which is in the Netherlands, Sander Hoeksma was found moonlighting in Holland as a bar back.  During the day, he worked as a wellness instructor combining physical therapy, massage therapy and fitness training.  He submitted photos to an agency and the rest is history.

Originally around 220lbs (100kg), Sander was to shed 45 lbs. (20kg) to be model ready for the runways of Milan.   Walking for Dirk Birkenberg, Tommy Hilfiger and GStar, Sander was scouted by Adam Models in NYC and arrived in February of this year.

The biggest difference between The Hague and NYC for Sander is the fast paced nature of NYC.   To escape the craziness of the city, Sander balances his stress with kickboxing and uses yoga and running to clear his mind.  If you see Sander in the city, he may be lost in thoughts of tulips or the beaches on the other side of the Atlantic.

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Sander Hoeskma photographed in the Aviator Vest and Barracks Pant.  Additionally pictured in the Barracks Blazer and Constructed Waistband Pant

Photographed in Brooklyn by Menelik Puryear

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