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The Road to Spring 2015

CADET SS/15 COLLECTION - FLIGHT (In Store and Online Feb 15th)

For its Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, Cadet went on a journey around the world. With advances in technology and travel, the world is a much smaller place. It's not unusual to wake up in Johannesburg and go to sleep in Singapore. The modern nomad works from his laptop and cell phone and treats the world as his office. After a few days of client meetings in Shanghai, it's a quick Emirates flight to Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City for the best bowl of pho that he's ever experienced and then on to Delhi to experience the colorful Holi Festival. 

In order to look good while doing globe-trotting, Cadet has designed a collection of versatile, travel-friendly clothes that are as comfortable in the East Village as they are in the Shanghai. Suit separates made out of comfortable tropical wool blends and cotton jersey knits that you can sleep in on an overnight trip and go directly to a meeting. The classic Cadet Aviator pant gets an upgrade in black leather, a tuxedo style - for the most comfortable formal you will ever wear - as well as nylon for the ultimate flight suit.  

The color palette is neutral, grey, olive, stone and black, with pops of cadet blue, aubergine and bright olive. All designed to work together. Patterns, when used, are small and subtle, these are clothes to enhance, not define you. Shown this season with all casual underpinnings (not a woven shirt in sight) this collection is meant to be the ultimate in casual cool.

A special thanks to Esquire Magazine, Emirates Airlines and Paul Mitchell.  Additional special thanks to Michael Macko, Alyssa Jones and M. Cohen jewelry.  


Robert (Adam), Julian (Red), Jack (DNA), Josh (Wilhelmina), Dylan (DNA), Henrique (One), Andrew (Click), Filip (One), Adam (Ford), Nikolai (One)

Photographed at Hearst Tower and the Parlor by A. Gardiner

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