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Eric Rutherford - An Eventful Journey

Hailing from the sunny retirement village of Boca Raton, Florida, this silver fox fled those silver foxes trading one sunny coast for another.  A child of community theater, Eric moved to Los Angeles as a theater major at USC looking to follow Hollywood aspirations.  However, according to Rutherford, he has played in many roles during his time in LA.  “in no order of influence…..busboy, model, sales person, commercials, TV actor, location scout, event PA, TV host, playwright, event producer, screenwriter, luxury service expert, brand strategist.”  As an event producer, you can see him at events from NY to LA.  Eric has produced events ranging from the launch of Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation at Harvard to Oprah's Girls School opening in South Africa, an intimate lunch for the best Stylists in the industry to a live wedding on a float during the telecast of the Rose Parade in Pasadena.

Having written a play that was optioned for off-Broadway or writing short stories in his downtime, Eric has also been able to write his way into the spotlight.  With MTV announcing him as one of 25 hunks to follow on Instagram, Eric has become a social media sensation.  “It is a brilliant connector that allows you to be inspired every day whether it is a painter you love, an aunt that makes you laugh or a quote that touches you at just the right moment.”   

For style tips, Eric would tell you to concentrate on a great fitting blazer and smile.  For events, he would also recommend a seamless flow from arrival to the last good-bye, making sure the guest leaves with a smile that lasts for days to come. 

Whether it is in NY or LA, whether it’s a photo shoot, an event or coffee with friends, Eric takes a cue from the great Maya Angelou.  He makes sure people remember him not for what he has done, but for how he has made them feel.  

Now, that makes CADET smile.


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Eric Rutherford photographed in a custom Barracks Blazer in Royal Blue and Treaty Pocket Tshirt in grey. Additionally pictured in the Flight Suit and Sergeant Shirt and Flight Pant in black jacquard.   

Photographed at The Standard Hotel by Menelik Puryear.

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