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The Road to Fall 2015


For Autumn/Winter 2015, CADET presents a men’s collection inspired by the wartime restrictions of the 1940s: textiles are scarce and suitings are mixed and matched for the first time, everyone not on the front is in the factories and work-wear mixes with tailored clothing, the three piece suit becomes two pieces to economize fabric, and everyone wears a watch cap to keep warm.

CADET’s core theme of menswear that you would find hanging in the closets of a military academy is prevalent throughout the collection as well. Classic pieces such as single and double breasted suitings, casual jackets and trousers, inlcuding a new take on the popular CADET Aviator Pant and new interpretations of uniform outerwear. Fabrics from Japan and Italy are luxurious wools, wool blends with nylon, herringbone twill, stripes cut on the horizontal and traditional uniform textiles.

This season the rugged authenticity of the worker and soldier during wartime celebrate the collection’s theme of form and function.

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